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6th-Feb-2014 10:29 pm
Tax return came and my new computer is assembled. Unfortunately right before I hooked it up I stupidly set it down on my bed and it fell over and the case is now bent. It's superficial damage only, and it just makes it a tiny bit more difficult to put on the side panel. I guess it wouldn't be an Anthony computer if there weren't something wrong with it.

  • Core i7 quad-core 3.5ghz processor

  • 16gb RAM (expandable to 32, I'll do this eventually)

  • Radeon R7 2gb graphics card

  • Blu-ray writer, DVD writer

  • Awesome motherboard with USB 3.0, 6gbps SATA, and all the other rad stuff

  • My trusty Audiophile 2496 sound card that I've had since my band-playing-in days is in there of course

  • Only a 500gb hard drive because I store all my important stuff on the *other* computer, but it's fast

  • It's fast

You know what's nice? Not having to reinstall your damn operating system when you get a new computer. Thanks Linux-based operating systems for not being stupid. You guys booted right up just fine. Now I'm installing Windows, who is not as nice in this regard.
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