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fourteen years ago... 
7th-Jun-2013 09:49 pm
Subject: Screw Star Wars! Screw Senior Awards Night! YSIB and David's Address LIVE!
Date: Mon, 17 May 1999 01:39:04 -0700
From: anthony <anthony@foxinternet.net>
Organization: Fox Internet -- Now using masking tape to keep that switch in the "on" position

you saw them take brian's backyard by storm last saturday... you saw them rock it down pseudo-punk style at the club extreme back in march... you saw them play reasonably well at last week's freedom of speech show... you may have even seen them at brooke perrin's house new years' eve or in dominik's backyard last year...

well, they are back! YSIB is playing a show, this wednesday!

now i know what at least one of you is thinking. "but i hate ysib!"

well, then... by some twisted logic, you are in luck! also playing the show wednesday night will be rock trio david's address! and you like them, don't you?

"well, actually..."

and hey, there might be some other band! but, we don't know yet!

okay, now that you all have already decided you are going to go to the show no matter what, you probably want some info.

the show is at club extreme (the old java jump) in fife, wa.
wednesday, may 19th -- show starts at 8pm
the cost is $4
the extreme is at 2603 pacific highway east -- (253) 926-2330 for directions

there are rumors circulating that a certain former member of ysib might be joining the band on stage to sit in on a couple songs!

we know it's a school night, it's star wars opening night, and it's TJ's senior awards night... but this should be a great show, it only costs $4, and we really need the support. so whether you are going to see the dreamy shane regan and his phat bass lines, the nerdy-but-loveable brian rogers and his screamin' guitar solos, that crazy guitarist chris jenkins, or drummer and overall acceptable human being anthony schmidt, there's no doubt this show will be worth the $4 for ysib alone. but keep in mind, you get to see matt "da phat" palmer, that wild man alex clark and his on-stage antics, and the crazy jake parnell poundin' the skins in david's address! that's worth at least $48329482390859042t843908 right there! but it's only $4!!!!

YSIB is at http://www.ysib.com/
David's Address is at http://members.aol.com/chosupark/

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