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i'm just going to write... 
15th-Apr-2013 10:05 pm
jealousy rides with me
"So what happened about that 'writing about music' thing that you were doing, Anthony?" It's the question that literally NO ONE is asking!

I haven't forgotten about it. One of my computers broke a month or two back, and it's the computer that is more or less the "server" here, so everything was on hold until I replaced that... and lately I've been spending what time I have for computer stuff doing "tweaking" instead of "productive" stuff. (As if writing about music is productive in the grand scheme of things.) I will get back to it!

Tonight I thought I would install Mageia on my other computer alongside Ubuntu and Windows 7. I've been curious to try it since I used to be quite the Mandrake/Mandriva user, although I haven't used them or any derivatives in many years. I also wanted a solid KDE desktop without a lot of extra junk. A lot of the configuration tools are the same as they were before, I had to spend a little bit of time "re-remembering" things. It's like running into an old girlfriend and she's exactly like you remember, except she's been upgraded to kernel 3.8.7. That's probably not a helpful analogy.

So, Boston, blah. There is nothing helpful that I could possibly say about something so horrendous, so I just don't talk. That's usually my reaction in tragedy. Whenever I speak I worry it will sound insensitive, or overtly political, or uninformed, or something that everyone else is already saying so what's the point in talking. Plus, Twitter is pretty insufferable when stuff like that happens. Obviously the important things that happen on Twitter during tragedies (getting news out, circulating images, making sure people are okay) are like 1% of what you see. Most of what you see seems to fall into these categories:

  1. People retweeting every single news article.

  2. People tweeting a bunch of random speculation.

  3. People yelling at the "random speculation" people to not tweet random speculation.

  4. People yelling at every single person who dares tweet about anything not related to the tragedy, whether they knew about it or not.

So as a general rule I just don't contribute to the noise.

Bed time.
17th-Apr-2013 01:06 am (UTC)
Yup. Tragedies are the only time when I'm on twitter that I don't wish I had something clever to say.
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