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random music writing, vol. 2: "little by little" by harvey danger (2005) 
21st-Jan-2013 10:44 pm

Amazon link: http://www.amazon.com/Little-By-Dlx-Harvey-Danger/dp/B000FUF816/

Well, I had so much fun I'm doing another one tonight. I don't imagine I'll keep doing one of these every night, but who knows. Also, I should perhaps clarify that these selections are chosen by going through "shuffle" on my music collection, but I don't always pick the first track that comes up. I don't have an interesting story for every album I own! I can definitely write about this one, though.

Harvey Danger was "the band" back in high school. We all loved that band. Carlton and I went and saw them at the Sit and Spin shortly before The End broke "Flagpole Sitta" and they exploded. Carlton also helped them set up some web stuff so we kind-of-somewhat-not-really knew them. Everyone loved those first two records. Even after the success of "the hit" died down and the second record was delayed, delayed, and then finally released with little fanfare or attention, they were our band. No one, NO ONE, "got" Harvey Danger the way we did, man.

And then there was nothing.

After a four-year break, Harvey Danger reconvened at The Crocodile in 2004 and Shane and I were "so there." (As in, we attended.) We had both seen Harvey play a million times, but that was in high school. At least for me, it was a weird, exciting, at times slightly awkward nostalgia trip. I didn't realize until then that just about every old tune of theirs I had associated with someone I knew or something that happened to me during those weird teen years. Awesome! Hilarious! Creepy! Romantic! Depressing! This rules! Help, I want to crawl in the corner and die.

"All the baggage I brought wouldn't fit in a mid-size car..."

In my last post I talked about those crazy '90s days when "music on the Internet was still in its infancy." It's crazy how much changed during Harvey's little hiatus. When the first record came out, Carlton helped them put up a RealAudio stream of their record on their website so people could listen to it online, which at the time was mind-blowing awesomeness. When it came time for the release of Little by Little, Harvey Danger decided to become the first somewhat-known band (as far as I know) to put their album up on their own site for people to download over BitTorrent.

Of course, I had to have the CD copy, especially since it came with bonus tracks. Silver Platters was one of the places that was going to carry it, so I went to the Tukwila one (R.I.P.) on the release date. I didn't see it on the shelf, so I asked the guy behind the counter about it. He said that it hadn't come yet, and that he had "just talked to the singer on the phone," and that he'd be dropping off a box of the CDs later that week. Now that's a self-released album!

"As long I don't have to interact with anyone else on a meaningful level, I'll be fine..."

Later I was talking to Shane online and he told me that he had accidentally ordered two copies online, so I went and met him at his work, the Federal Way Safeway. I think I gave him $10 or something like that for his extra copy. Eventually Kill Rock Stars reissued the album with a slightly different tracklist, but I still have the original.

Little by Little is a great record, and even though the other two "mean more" to me, I probably listen to this one more than the others for precisely that reason.

A few years ago Harvey Danger played at The Crocodile once more to take their final bow, and Lauren and I were there. For some reason with her by my side, it was a lot easier to laugh off those old weird feelings and just enjoy the music.
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